EnviroGreen Merv 8 Pleated Filter

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EnviroGreen Dust Free Merv 8 Reusable Pleated Filter 14 x 30 x 1

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  • One 14 x 30 x 1 EnviroGreen Merv 8 Reusable Washable Pleated Filter

The First Merv 8 Reusable Filter - Millions of pleated filters are thrown away each year, and thousands of trees are cut down to produce the cardboard that comprises the outer frame of disposable filters. Until now, there was not a choice for the consumer in purchasing industry recognized Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) tested air filters that were not disposable. The EnviroGREEN™ 8 Pleat combines the high efficiency filtration of the throw-a-way type pleated filter, with the environmental consciousness of a permanent, washable type air filter.

The EnviroGREEN™ 8 Pleat reusable, washable pleated filter means you will not need to throw another filter into your local land fill for 5 years. The patent pending washable V-Clean core of the EnviroGREEN™ 8 filter also has the advantage of containing antimicrobial elements embedded into the filtration media. The anodized aluminum frame is guaranteed for life and is designed for easy, “no tools” access to the reusable V-Clean filter media.